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With virtual reality and immersing into virtual environment user is collecting certain experience which is later applicable on field...  

The interactive 3D virtual training belongs to the group of “smart games” and its purpose is to lead user through the game where he interactively learn about functionality and content of the facility.
With our training solutions we are stimulating users to reveal different situations and circumstances which can occur in reality.
He has possibility to practice certain command operations, equipment manipulations, reactions in hazards situations etc.

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Walkthrough by Visual Search Engine

It is not important how complex your facility is, you can have possibility to walk through it, get all information’s about important part of equipment, rooms, processes... Anything that is important for you can be inside module like this. Information’s like drawings, pdf's, pictures, textual files...
It gives you connection between your data server and real state in your objects.

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Equipment Training

How this machine works? Try it. Within this module you can see and move all important parts of equipment. We are not doing this just visual, physics is also included. We can make easy visible what are possibilities of some crane, pump or any other part of equipment...

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Virtual Training for Process and Systems

Particularly for the energy industry, as the world looks for new energy sources, operations are moving to more and more extreme and remote locations with fragile ecosystems at serious risk from man-made disasters.
While not a complete replacement of, or alternative to, traditional training methods, 3D visualization training can offer a supplementary means of gaining confidence and familiarity in such operations. For such sites, it is better to deploy fully trained operators rather than rely on only partially trained operators who are expected to learn in the field.

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Health Safety and Environment 3D Virtual Training

The 3D simulation-based training brings users in specific industrial workplace environments. Without knowledge about hazards, and the necessary safety precautions various accidents can occur. This module is used to prepare people for different situations and show them how to avoid them. Users of this application will retain the information they've learned in the virtual environment, and apply it while on the job in the real-world, helping to avoid costly accidents.

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FPSO | Virtual Training

Walktrought | Simulations | Maintenance | Safety

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Immersive Virtual Reality Plant

Keeping plants operating safely, with optimal performance and reliability, requires companies to find new ways to improve the competency of their operators.
Operations staff directly affects plant safety, availability, and reliability. Rising fines and costs associated with incidents such as unplanned outages, accidents, and spills are among the additional factors driving the creation of new programs for safety and operational excellence.
Once reserved for cutting-edge engineering and creative industries, 3D visualization is being used in new and innovative ways across a number of industrial sectors, helping to safely and effectively train plant operators and staff.

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