proVeritas agency was founded in 2014. Based on the multidisciplinary, experience, innovation, knowledge and talent, proV wants to position itself among the leading companies for visualization, virtual and augmented reality training of complex industrial systems and processes.

Global growth requires proactive support, flexible approach, the integration of a wide range of knowledge, standardization and modularity, and above all originality and innovation. These are the principles on which proV builds its global support network for industrial customers.

The quality and feasibility of the idea of individuals, credibility and effectiveness of managers, understanding of systems and processes, training and readiness of employees, customer satisfaction and loyalty, acquiring of new knowledge and technologies, maintaining existing and conquer new markets, proV believes and knows, depends directly on the quality of visualization.

Many years of experience in the education and training of technical personnel, usage of 3D CAD and CAE tools, industrial design, development of multimedia and interactive content, game engine application in industrial training, integrated with knowledge of mathematics, mechanics and software development, gives proV a comparative advantage in the market. Ideas and innovation make proV special.

We believe that with highly realistic visuals, multimedia interactivity, immersion in a virtual world and reality enrichment with incorporated and superimposed amenities, multiple raise the efficiency of communication and experience, with immeasurable positive effects. This creates many business benefits for marketing managers, HR managers, HSE managers, sales managers, engineering contractors, owner operators, employee and employer from Marine, Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Building and Construction, Chemical Process, Energy, Automotive and other industry.

Including the point cloud as - built modeling, 3D CAD basic engineering and detail engineering, CAE and engineering simulations, creating and production of HQ visual demonstrations and animation, development of 3D interactive applications with realistic scenarios and virtual training, and development of augmented reality tools for training and in - field operations, maintenance and inspection, proV gives comprehensive solutions for demanding clients.

We know that only the best have the best. We want with top quality, highly - informative and interactive content and visual effects to support the marketing activities of companies and thus contribute to global growth. With engineer’s knowledge, artist’s talent and market principles we want to achieve this goal.